Guney Firat Sahin

Full Stack Software Engineer

  Istanbul, Turkey

CS Graduate (B.Sc. / Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul) | 5+ years USA company experienced Full Stack Software Engineer (ERP, eCommerce) (Web & Mobile)

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New Trend CSS Rules
  •   Created: 2019-11-11
  •   Last Edited: 2019-11-17
  •   Category: UI/UX Coding
  •   Seen: 1189 times
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  •   Comments: 0
  •   Tags: php, web design, user experience, ui tools

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Third Post Title
  •   Created: 2019-11-07
  •   Last Edited: 2019-11-16
  •   Category: Front-End Development
  •   Seen: 708 times
  •   Likes: 0
  •   Comments: 0

  First sentence of this post. Second BUT in same paragraph..

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How to do blah blah in Javascript
  •   Created: 2019-11-06
  •   Last Edited: 2019-11-16
  •   Category: JavaScript
  •   Seen: 789 times
  •   Likes: 0
  •   Comments: 0

  This is first paragraph. This is bold text!

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