Guney Firat Sahin

Full Stack Software Engineer

  Istanbul, Turkey

CS Graduate (B.Sc. / Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul) | 7+ years USA company experienced Full Stack Software Engineer (ERP, eCommerce) (Web & Mobile)

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Profile - About Me

Guney Firat Sahin
  My PDF Resume

  Hi, this is Firat. I’m an Istanbul, Turkey based Full Stack Software Developer / Engineer who has 7+ years of experience and here is my story;

  I graduated from Yıldız Technical University (Istanbul) with a Bachelor’s Degree on Computer Engineering in 2011. I developed school and freelance projects during my university education period (which I have explained some on Projects section).

Some Great Memories from US  |  2013 ~ 2014
My Very First Times (w/my bike)  |  La Habra, Orange County, CA At the Office  |  La Habra, Orange County, CA On Lunch Break  |  La Habra, Orange County, CA On Lunch Break  |  La Habra, Orange County, CA The amount of work I've completed (~ 1 year)  |  La Habra, Orange County, CA My Neighbourhood  |  La Mirada, Orange County, CA Downtown LA View from Griffith Observatory  |  Los Angeles, CA Universal CityWalk  |  Hollywood, CA Wet After Jurassic Park Ride 🙂  |  Universal Studios, Hollywood, CA Dodgers Baseball Game  |  Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA Downtown Disneyland District  |  Anaheim, CA Disneyland Esplanade  |  Anaheim, CA Downtown Disneyland  |  Anaheim, CA Weekend Trip with Amtrak  |  San Diego, CA Downtown LA at Night  |  Los Angeles, CA Lakers must have lost the game that night 🙂  |  Los Angeles, CA Vegas Trip  |  Las Vegas, NV Vegas from Stratosphere Tower (~ 350m high)  |  Las Vegas, NV Grand Canyon National Park  |  Grand Canyon Village, AZ Stanford University  |  Stanford, CA The Iconic Lombard Street  |  San Francisco, CA A Foggy 😒 Golden Gate Bridge  |  San Francisco, CA Downtown SF View from Twin Peaks  |  San Francisco, CA Last Night Before Going Back  |  Hermosa Beach, CA End of Story / Going Back to Turkey  |  LAX Airport, CA

  In 2013, I went to United States (Los Angeles) with an internship program as a Web Developer Intern and worked for 1 year over there. Although the company had offered me to stay at the end of that period, I preferred coming back to my home country for personal reasons. However, that didn’t end our relationship and I continued working as a Remote Software Developer / Engineer from Istanbul.

What kind of developer / engineer am I..?

  I’m a pretty passionate engineer when it comes to developing well-organized, smartly structured & valuable features / products. I get enthusiastic when I’m discussing about the architecture of the software or building the backbone of an application which all the other functionalities will be based on.

  I’m more of a project person rather than 9-to-5 mentality. I take ownership of the product I’ve been working on and my point of view while development is “adding value to the product” rather than just “writing code”. So that being said, I’m a kind of developer that can be considered for Team Lead, Project Lead or Principle Developer kind of roles as well (now or future).

  Coding is one of the things that I don’t get bored of. I do coding just for fun in my free times. The idea of making the device do something for you or devices talk to each other gets me excited. I also follow the software trends and try my best to be up-to-date about the new approaches / tools (even though things change rapidly in IT sector).

  To wrap up, I’m a software developer/engineer who produces efficient, well-structured, clean, understandable, easy-to-maintain and well-commented code which solves some kind of real world problems. Besides coding, I prepare good documentation too if needed.

  Also, I am the kind of guy who is a good researcher, self-learner and does his job with a minimum need of supervision. Lastly, I’m also familiar with remote meetings (screen sharing, presenting/discussing things over it etc.) because of being a remote developer over the past years.

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Resume - Personal Info

  • Senior Full Stack Software Engineer (Remote) 03.2022 - Present
       Scopic Software
       Rutland, Massachusetts, USA

    Working at Scopic since March 2022 as a contractor remotely.
    Have been involved to various projects/tasks which are mainly;

    UK-based healthcare company
    HubRx - which is a software that automates the prescription process which starts from a doctor and ends at the patient's door (in UK) and handles all the process including the inventory management, central healthcare system synchronizations etc.
    Tech - Java, Angular 13+, PrimeNG UI Kit, Typescript, ESLint, RxJS extensions, Bitbucket/Sourcetree

    US-based insurance company
    CNA - which is an internal portal for the staff of the company itself. They login with their company single-sign-on, list & manage the claims came from their customers. They can modify & commit a specific claim (while the representative is on the phone typically). Tabbing, multiple components on each tab, validations etc. are implemented.
    Tech - Angular 16+, ngBootstrap, Material UI, Custom Design, SSO, Dark Mode, Apiary, GitLab/DevOps, Typescript, ESLint

    Other projects/tasks
    Involved to many different small projects/tasks.
    Tech - Angular, React/Next.js, .NET Core, WPF, Node.js/Express, Javascript/Typescript, RxJS, ESLint

  • Full Stack Software Engineer (Remote) 01.2018 - 05.2019
       NHN Global
       Los Angeles, California, USA

    Since our company (CompSolution) was merged into NHN Global as of 2018, we have turned into NHN Global developers. Our team structure and responsibilities didn’t change dramatically and we kept running our development / bug fixing / maintenance tasks same as before.

    In addition to regular tasks, we also worked on Mobile App, Integration API etc. kind of side projects in this period of time.

  • Full Stack Software Engineer (Remote) 07.2015 - 12.2017
       3 Stars Mentoring, Inc. (dba. CompSolution)
       Buena Park, California, USA

    After finishing my mandatory military obligation in my home country, I continued working as a full stack software engineer (remote) at the company that I had gone for the internship program in 2013.

    My responsibilities basically were;

    - Contributing to the regular maintenance / bug fixing processes and doing new feature / module developments for our existing projects.

    - Playing an active role on software architecture planning & the code development processes for our new projects.

    - Performing some of server maintenance, database migration, software deployment kind of operations whenever they were needed. My working hours in Istanbul were non-business hours in LA, we used that time difference as an advantage to get those critical/operational tasks performed by me securely out of LA business hours.

    - Doing research about things that are new for us (it could be a new tool, 3rd party library, API etc.). Figuring out what it is and how we can get benefit from that for our project & preparing documentation/presentation about that topic.

  • Web Developer Intern 02.2013 - 07.2014
       3 Stars Mentoring, Inc. (dba. CompSolution)
       La Habra, California, USA

    Worked as a web developer intern back in 2013 which was the starting point of my career. I was physically at the office in US for the first 1 year of period, then I continued 6 more months remotely from my home country. We developed majority of the eLAMBS project in that while which was the cloud-based, SaaS version of LAMBS Desktop ERP program.

    I worked on front-end and back-end parts both on an ASP.NET project stack. On front-end, developed robust and reusable structures for different purposes and used those structures when necessary. On back-end, generally developed ASP.NET Web Service functions which were consumed by the front-end.

  • Software Internship 07.2011 - 08.2011
       Yıldız Technical University / Natural Language Processing Team (Kemik)
       Beşiktaş, Istanbul

    4 Weeks of Mandatory Software Internship.

  • Hardware Internship 03.2011 - 04.2011
       Arçelik-LG Klima Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.
       Gebze, Izmit

    5 Weeks of Mandatory Hardware / System & Network Internship.

  • Bachelor's degree, Computer Science & Engineering 2005 - 2011
       Yıldız Technical University

    University Education on Computer Science & Engineering.

  • High School 2001 - 2004
       Kartal Lisesi

    High School Education.

  • Elementary School 1993 - 2001
       Ortadogu College

    Elementary School Education.

Front-End Development skills
HTML5 / CSS3 (Less) / JavaScript
jQuery / jQuery UI / Kendo UI
AngularJS / Angular / Bootstrap
Reactive / Asynchronous Programming
Back-End Development skills
C# / ASP.NET / MVC / Web API
Visual Studio / MS SQL
PHP / CodeIgniter (MVC) / MySQL
Java / OOP / NetBeans / Eclipse
C / C++
Database Development / Management skills
MSSQL / MySQL / Oracle
Relational DB Design
SQL / Transact-SQL / PL/SQL
3rd Party API / Integration skills
Shipping (UPS & Fedex APIs)
Payment Gateway (Spreedly & Elavon APIs)
Mobile App Development skills
iOS Development (Swift 4)
Hybrid Mobile App Development (Ionic)
CI / CD skills
TFS / Git / GitHub
Additional skills
B2B / ERP / E-Commerce
Reports / Documentation
NodeJS / npm /
Dreamweaver / Photoshop
SEO Basics
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