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CS Graduate (B.Sc. / Yıldız Technical University, Istanbul) | 5+ years USA company experienced Full Stack Software Engineer (ERP, eCommerce) (Web & Mobile)

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Blog Post: My very first "Hello World!" post 👋

My very first "Hello World!" post 👋
Hi folks! This is my very first blog post to say Hello to the world. I'm planning to create contents on this blog part which includes my personal thoughts, my previous experiences (including working abroad), places I traveled to before and also some code samples which solves specific problems that we face while development.

But ironic thing is; I chose the harder way to do that (classic Firat 😝). Rather than setting up a blog management tool (WordPress etc.) easily, I wanted to code my own blog system which handles categories, posts, different kind of contents, post tags, post statistics etc. and also an editing panel too for managing my content. I don't know why I did it that way, probably I wanted to have a customizable solution that I can change a detail that I don't like in the future.
So, right now while I'm writing this blog post, I'm also coding the blog system background. It can be though sometimes to switch between different mindsets. Because, writing a blog post requires the social part of your brain while system development / coding needs a technical type of thinking. But, I'm doing well so far.

If you wanna check out what codes I have developed, you can check this source:

So I wanted to make this first post both to say Hi to the world and also to test if my codes are working fine, finding potential bugs etc. That's all for now fellas, see you on other post!
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Tom Hanks
2019-11-19 21:52:39
Hi Firat, as a famous actor, I found your web site fantastic! Good job son! 👌
Guney Firat Sahin
2019-11-19 22:43:21
Hey! I'm very proud to see comment from you. I'm a big fan of movies 🎬 Thanks a lot!
Johnnie Lash
2019-11-18 08:26:24
Welcome to this World "Wild" Web dude! Haha 😂
Guney Firat Sahin
2019-11-19 12:11:12
Haha that was a good one man 😊 Thanx! 👲
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